Golden 22 Years of FEDO

Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) has spent its golden 22 years working with and for the poorest, suppressed and neglected sect of woman which is mostly composed of Dalit women. Now, FEDO has been evolving as per the context and recent development it has been winning the hart of those women who are still remaining in caste and gender based discrimination. FEDO was founded in 1994 to establish the rights of Dalit women by organizing and empowering them for their mainstreaming into national development. It is not easy to express every detail of its history of two decades worked for Dalit women rights but a clear picture of their changes and achievement after the FEDO’s establishment is self-evidence. It has been working to promote the Dalit’s rights and to eliminate caste and gender-based discrimination and promote justice and equality in Nepalese society since its establishment. FEDO works at four levels  (grassroots, regional, national and international level)to promote Dalit women’s advancement and participation at the decision-making level. This organization  has also been leading various successful campaigning for the economic, social, civil and political rights of all Dalits and Dalit women in particular through  Economic, Political Empowerment, Justice and Human Rights.

In these 22 years, the organization also evolved to accommodate the need of the ground. It is now functioning as an umbrella organization or confederation with 56 district chapters in all the Development Regions of the country, which comprised of 2,154 women’s groups and 53,850 members united, organized and mobilized to fight against caste and gender based discrimination at all levels. FEDO is thus known as a pathfinder or front runner to protect and promote the interest and rights of Dalit women who were facing various forms of discrimination. FEDO has also been working with several alliances and expanding its network to strongly lobby and bring Dalit issues to the forefront at both the grassroots and national levels. Coordination, collaboration and networking are the major working approach of the organization.

The FEDO is continuously building up its new history of its leadership. Just now, it has elected its new Central Board Committee. Youngest Kala Swarnakar became the second President of FEDO.  Swarnakar was unanimously elected to the post which gives the message of unity and harmony within the institution. Newly elected president Swarnakar vowed to make FEDO a strong and credible institution of Dalit women.

FEDO was organized and successful to gain several achievements and milestones under the visionary leadership of Durga Sob who is the founder and former president of the organization. Sob, the outgoing president, worked tirelessly to make the organization   as a common platform of Dalit Women. The organization is very much thankful to her for the efforts and work done for Dalit community. Founder and former President, Sob promises to do best to ensure betterment of Dalit women in future as well. ‘I would work earnestly to ensure that work is done to ensure Dalit women rights’, said Sob. These expressions are providing guardianship for the organization. Moreover, there are other strong hands and support for the organization to achieve its success which includes its development partners, funders, good wishers and community who had believe on us and supported our goals. At this moment, the organization would also like to extend its gratitude to all of them.



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