Workshop on Strategic Plan


FEDO team at TEWA on the occasion of Strategic review workshop

Kathmandu/November 30, The Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) has conducted a two-day workshop on review its Five Years Strategy Plan with the grand participation of central and district level committee member and personnel. FEDO is going to prepare a new two-year strategic action plan reviewing the previous Five Years strategy.

Participants have focused the need of reviewing strategic plan of FEDO for an effective execution of responsibilities of the organization. During the program Participants have deep concerned over about the current political, economic and environmental situation of the nation and they have discussed for upcoming scenario of the country. At that time they underscored the need of preparing strategic plan of action of the FEDO.

Participants marked out priority and implementation of policies and program of the organization. They added that the practical and result oriented strategic plan of action.

The workshop has formed a task force to evaluate previous plans and their achievement and to prepare new strategic plan of action. The task force will prepare strategy of the organization as the mandate and guideline of workshop with a time frame. Addressing the workshop, Kala Swarnakar, General Secretary of the FEDO said that the strategic plan would help find out practical and suitable plans for the FEDO to complete its duty.

The workshop was facilitated by Mohan Manandhar, where the central member of FEDO, personnel and the representative of different districts were participated.


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