Interaction Concluded


Advocate Meera Dhungana giving her speech on Dalit and Dalit women’s provisions in new constitution.

Kathmandu /December 1, The Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) has conducted an interaction program with the theme “Rights of Dalit and Dalit Women in the New Constitution and the Challenges of Implementation’ in the capital city. The interaction was held on the occasion of ’16 days campaigning’ regarding 25th International day for against women discrimination.

Speaking at interaction various participants said that ‘though the constitution is historic and unique in term of procedure and content in the constitutional history of country but there are so many challenges to implement.

Likewise they expressed their qualms over the sincere implementation of even the few provisions in support of the Dalits that are mentioned in the constitution. At the program they say that whatever Dalit-friendly provisions have been included in the constitution is tokenism at best.

Advocate and women rightist Meera Dhungana said that the new constitution must spell out the provision to end discriminations and violence against women. Meanwhile, President of FEDO Durga Sob said that though some provisions included in the constitution regarding the Dalits rights, their implementation is not free from challenge.

Participants from Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Kavreplanchowk, Banke Bardia Surkhet, Siraha and Saptari were participated.


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