FEDO Representative visited at Koshidekha

A day before yesterday marks the three-month anniversary of the 25 April earthquake. We are still on the ground in the most affected districts addressing the needs of vulnerable community, poor, Dalit, senior citizen, differently able people, women and children in coordination with the local government, community people, survivors, FEDO’s district chapters and volunteers.

Our responses include providing lifesaving food materials (Rice, Pulse, Oil etc), non-food materials (community water filter, dignity kits, hygiene kits,) and responding to caste base discrimination, gender-based violence, restoring the dignity of poor, Dalit, vulnerable community, women and girls and engaging young volunteer for a stronger Nepal.

Yesterday, our Emergency Support Officer along with FEDO’s Kavrepalenchowk district Secretary Maiya Roka has been visited one of the most affected and remote VDC, namely Koshidehka. This VDC has been severely affected and the majority of the residents were belongs to so called Dalit. They don’t have proper temporary shelter to protect themselves. That’s why FEDO has been prepared to working to work on temporary shelter for them. There is still need of temporary shelter. Monsoon hits to the affected community and people.


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