Bhagawati became leading social activist in the society

Bhagawati Sunar

Bhagawati Sunar

Bhagawati Sunar is a Dalit woman from ward No-8, Chandani VDC in Kanchanpur District. She has 45 years old. She was married at the earlier age of 16. Her early age of married stop her education at 5 classes. She is having 5 member’s family, her family is including 2 daughters 1 son, her husband and herself, she is hard labor work at household level as well as at farming and engaged in animal husbandry. Her husband is seasonally migration to India for survival.

Due to social restrictions and tradition rule and value she has been limit within house and she was not able to do anything for herself as well as society, during 2012 August, Feminist Dalit Organization formed group in her VDC, she had have chance to as a wise president of that Group. She did have opportunities to attend to various interactions; seminars, training and meeting organized by FEDO, and then after she was realize the importance leadership and political participation. During this period she gained confidence that helped to improve her dignity and quality of life with the encouragement and capacity building by FEDO. Which provide boost to her, she has now become an active member of various committees in all sector.

Now, she is member of School management committee and Executive member of community forest user committee. Before this program she has been fear of facing social activities and issue, now she has become a women activist in the community where she supports other women needs and solving their problem, she is feeling proud to be a part of FEDO which is enables her to live dignity and prestigious life. She feels that she has become one of the respected persons in the community with support of FEDO. She expresses her gratitude to FEDO for making her as leading social activist in society.


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