Exposure visit of American Students

19 February, 2015

American Students with FEDO team at FEDO

American Students with FEDO team at FEDO.

The group of around 31 American Students had their exposure visit today at the office of FEDO, Kupondole. These were the Human Rights students who came from different Universities throughout the United States. The students were facilitated by the Passage International. The objective of the visit was to provide the students with the first hand experience on understanding the situation of Dalits and Dalit women of Nepal.
The meeting was facilitated by the Excutive Director of FEDO, Executive Director and then continued with the presentation which was given by the President of FEDO, Durga Sob. The presentation covered the overall socio-economic and political right sof Dalits and Dalit women of Nepal and the FEDO’s endeavor for the just and equitable society.
The students came up with the several queries regarding the Human Rights of Dalit women as well as organizational development. The two way interaction went fruitful and FEDO insisted students to take the issues of Dalit women in the international arena and also to have the solidarity for the eradication of caste based discrimination and untouchability.


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