Television program recognized her as an active political leader

CA Member Teku Nepali

CA Member Teku Nepali

Teku Nepali was born on 1956 AD in Manakamana VDC-6, Sangja. She is now Constitution Assembly (CA) Member of CA from CPN UML party. She has been working on addressing Dalit women issues from more than 3 decades. She has also been actively involved in movement of CPN UML party. She was actively involved in different movements, such as; referendum of 2036 BS, 2046 movement and people’s movement 2062/63 BS. She passed the SLC exam on 2032 BS. Then she worked as a school teacher and the principal of school. She is now Constitution Assembly Member, central adviser Secretariat Member of CPN UML and Senior Central Vice President & Chief of women department of sister organization of CPN UML party; ‘Nepal Utpidit Jatiy Mukti Samaj’. She has been actively involved in different kind of movement of Dalit women rights, who gives credit to FEDO for all this achievement of her life. After FEDO broadcasted the biography of Ms. Nepali through TV program on ‘Hamro Sarokar’, the politicians directly noticed her. Then she became CA Member through Proportional representation system. She proudly shares this achievement and extends her gratitude to FEDO. Her capacity has been enhancing through different kinds of trainings, interactions, advocacy program provided by FEDO. She has been providing consultation service to FEDO in its different activities. Ms. Nepali said that FEDO’s continuous lobby and advocacy have been playing vital role to create strong pressure to the political parties, senior leaders for increasing Dalit women’s political participation. She said, “I am very grateful of FEDO”.


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