Socity recognized as a Dalit activist

Photo of Khatik

Saroj Devi Khatik

Saroj Devi Khatik age of 28 lives in khaskarkando, ward no 9 Banke district. She is housewife and lives with her husband, 1 son and 2 daughters. Khaskarkando is a Terai VDC. In Terai there is a traditional thinking that a woman doesn’t have easily permission to go outside. Women used to live with a scarf, which covers their face.

Before entering in a group in 2012 Saroj also covered her face with scarf and didn’t talk with anyone except family, neighbour and relatives. She involved in a group formed by FEDO. She regularly participated in monthly meeting and discussed on Dalit women issues. Such as: local committee, sanitation, scholarship, domestic violence, Dalit women’s participation, early child marriage, dowry system, untouchability other issues. Her capacity enhanced through trainings, orientations, meetings and discussions organized by FEDO. After then she became a member of ward citizen forum, nagarik sachetna Kendra and paralegal committee. Now she became a leader of the society. She can express her views in front of the duty bearers and key stakeholders. She has been providing many kinds of suggestions to the community people and also raising the Dalit women issues. She also encourages to her neighbour to send school to their children. She press worthy of FEDO and gives credit to FEDO for changing her life.

Dilisha Gautam
District Project Coordinator


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