Recognize as Dalit activist in Community

Sita Ood

Sita Ood

Sita Devi Ood is a President of Ekata Dalit women Group Mouri pata-8 krishanpur VDC,Kanchanpur District. She is 38 year old born in Godawari VDC Kailal, her earliar marriege was stop her education at 8 class, she was not continued her study after married. She has 7 family member among that 3 son, 1daughter, mother in law, father in law, husband and herself. She has house wife and her husband is farmeand seasonal migration to india.

She used to be house wife and restrict herself within house and involving whole day in house hold chores. One day FEDO was formation group in her community, she has have opportunity to involve as president of Ekata Dalit women Group. After that, FEDO has been provide the various of training (leadership training, Human rights training and women rights training) and frequently attend the lobby and advocacy meeting with various stakeholder, that enhance the her capacity to realize to something to do for committee as well as Dalit women. Due to this motivation she has part of several Group, various committee and member of UML CPN ward committee member. Sheis gained self-confidence as well as enhance capacity, which is recognize her as active Dalit women member in VDC

Now, she is member ward citizen forum, Member of Ekata community forest user committee (lal jhadi), and executive member of sarshawati higher secondary school krishanpur-8 and president of Dalit women network in VDC. She has solid command over Dalit community, with collective action of Dalit women group they are regularlobby and advocacy of Dalit women issue. Due to their collective action, they campaigning against the chaupadi path, mitigation of this bad custom demolished the chaupadi sheds. In her village she invites all programs. Finally she is proud to be part of FEDO, She expresses her heartily gratitude to FEDO for made her as respected social activities in society.

Amit Sunar

District Project Coordinator



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