FEDO changed my life

Khima B.K

Khima B.K

Khima BK Born on 28th Shrawan 2033 in Basgadi of Bardiya district could not get an opportunity to study due to her poor economic condition. So, she left school at an early age. She is just literate. She got married to Dambar BK of Chuha VDC of Kailali district when she was 14 years old. She has five family members with two sons and one daughter. She was just a housewife and she realized that she could not do anything due to her lower education. She got engaged with FEDO in 2012 through Dalit women group. She became a Chair Person of women’s group VDC and Treasurer of Dalit women Network in Chuha VDC. She also became Female Community Health Volunteer. After this, she got involved in political party and their activities, which have increased her coordination and communication with important stakeholders of the political parties, civil society, government institution and others. The local institutions have been inviting her in their programs. Now she has easy access to meet with anyone and go anywhere. Her husband also has been supporting her.

She got an opportunity to represent different committees, such as: Ward Citizen Forum, Health Management committee, Water and sanitation committee, Red Cross, Federation of Agriculture, DDC. Her capacity enhanced through the trainings, orientations and meetings organized by FEDO. After then she became a Member of UCPN Maoist party and started working for village level committee of UCPN Maoist party. She has been advocating Dalit women issues. FEDO opened her eyes. Now she can provide suggestions to her friends, groups and communities. She realized that opportunity increases an individual’s capability and can do wonders. She also realized that Dalit women should get involve to get their rights. She gives all credit to FEDO to change her life.

Poonam Sijapati

District Project Coordinator



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