Recognize as social activist in deprivation community

Chandra Nepali43 year old Chandra Nepali, residence in Bhimdatta Municipality- 3 Tilkapur, Kanchanpur District. She have total 6 family member; two daughter, two son, husband and her self. She acquired the education up to 5 grades, after that her education was stop, because of family and social pressure, she was married under age. She was house wife and most of the time passed chores of the house, her husband has been working as tailor on daily wage basis. She is always anxious about caste Discrimination and oppression of Dalit women, lack of awareness and economic status; she was not able to do any thing for herself and community.
Due to her thirst for change in the status of Dalit women, she come across with FEDO program, on 21 Nov 2012 FEDO was introduce project funded by women kind. She got opportunity to be engaged in group formation as president of group with support of FEDO staff. She was actively involved for formation of Dalit women group; she was part of number of training for Human rights, Leadership Development and lobby meeting with VDC as well as District level stakeholder. She gained knowledge regarding to importance of team effort, Participation in local structure, political participation and government service and its access. She was eager to involve various structure and political party.
Her desire with support of FEDO, she has now engaged in a number leadership position, president of sarswati Dalit Women group, Member of community forest user committee, member of conflict management committee, member of ward citizen forum and UCPN Maoist ward committee member, member of temple management committee. She has help to solve conflict and issue in community level. She has now actively involved in lobbying and delivering speech to others issue of justice to Dalit women and their empowerment.

Now a days, she is attend all ward community functions, ward level stakeholder given high priority to invite her. She has expresses her gratitude to FEDO for recognize her as deprivation community leader and social activist in community. Finally she was encourage to Dalit women to be transformation of society about Dalit women issues.  Nowadays Chandra Nepali Says “I am feeling really proud to be part of FEDO,  enable me to live dignity and prestigious life in society, I am looking for proper transformation in society.”

Amit Sunar

FLOW- DPC, Kanchanpur





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