Training on UN system and Human Rights

Participants of UN System training at FEDO

Participants of UN System training at FEDO

Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) organized three days training on UN system and Human Rights. The training was facilitated by the external consultant named Daisuke Shirane, Asia Pacific Coordinator, ICCPR Centre, and Indonesia.

The three days training commenced from 28 February in the FEDO Training Hall. The training was inaugurated by Ms. Durga Sob, the President of the organization. She highlighted the objectives and importance of the training.  She elaborated the expectation of FEDO from the participants with regards to the understanding of UN system and International Human Rights Mechanisms and implements it for the welfare of the community. She urged the participants to contribute their determination and dedication to the training and hope to have some positive transformation in the upcoming days by utilizing UN system in upcoming days.

The topics covered by the entire session of the training on each day was: UN Human Rights Mechanism in General, Different UN Bodies dealing with Human Rights, International Human Rights laws, UN Treaty Body (TB) system, State Reporting Procedure and Cycle, Civil society engagement with treaty bodies, How to write a report? / Methodologies, UN Human Rights Council (HRC), Insight Actual work of HRC,  Process of NGOs participation, Universal Periodic Review, Adoption of UPR outcome by HRC, spaces for Civil Society, examples of review report of Nepal (10th UPR WG) etc.

The methodology of the training was power point presentation, brain storming, group discussion, group work and presentation.  There were altogether 26 participants from different political parties and their sister organizations, central and district Board Members of FEDo, FEDO staffs as well as the representative from other organizations.

On the final day, the training session was wrapped up with the experience sharing by the participants and closing remarks by the board member. The evaluation of three days training was collected from the participants. The participants received general knowledge on UN system and Human Rights. They are determined to utilize the gained knowledge in coming days.


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