FEDO Felicitated to Dalit Women CA Member


Dalit Women CA Member with FEDO team

Dalit Women CA Member with FEDO team

FEDO organized an appreciation program on 19 February, 2014 for Dalit Women CA member with the objective to honor for being elected as a CA member as well as to encourage them to advocate for involving the issues of Dalit women in the constitution. The participants presented were the Dalit women CA member from different political parties like Kalpana Sob from Nepali Congress, Shiva Kumari Gotame Sarki, Sharda kumari Biswakarma, Teku Nepali from CPN-UML, Dhan maya biswakarma from Unified Maoist and others from several parties. The represenative said that this honor program has further added the responsibilities.In order to pay off this debt, they will strongly advocate and do lobby in the area where we can address the issues of women, Dalits and Dalit women as well as to come up with the common agendas and do lobby accordingly from their related parties. The honor was done by the President of FEDO, Durga Sob. FEDO also made sure that it will always support them to meet all the challenges that come on their way. At FEDO Office.


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