Women are not Parrot of Cage

Anita Dhobi

Anita Dhobi

Anita Dhobi age 30 of lives in Puraina VDC, Ward no. 5 Banke district. She is a farmer and house wife with husband, 2 daughters and 2 sons. Puraina is a Terai people dwelling VDC. In Terai there is a traditional thinking that women don’t have easily permission to go out from houses and village. Women used to live with a scarf which covers them face.

Before entry in group, Anita also used to live house by covering her face with scarf and she didn’t talk anyone except her villagers and relatives and work on house and farm care her children. She didn’t information about any women group and any committee. But when she entered in Dalit women group in November 2012 as a chairperson of group because she is a educated women of Terai Dalit community however mostly, Terai Dalit women are illiterate and she learned many things in group discussion, in group social mobilizer teach them at first about human right, women right, Dalit rights and rights of participation in any community of Dalit women. She involved in many of the district level FEDO Program so, she aware in many sector and come out from house.  She said that “I know that woman is not a bird of house, she is also a human being, so woman also should be take knowledge of out of house and village.”

Now, she is working on many committees under of VDC. She is working now in VDC level women network as secretary and immediately in August 2013, she entered in VDC level local peace committee, she question  with VDc level stake holder for  Dalit women participation any VDC level program. She is also in ward citizen forum and prepare 500 m long road among Dalit community. She is leading her group and encourages saving them. They save rs25/ month and establish 5000/ fund in their group now. She encourage to her neighbours to send school to their children how ever most of the Terai Community children didn’t go to school. And teach them about importance of sanitation. Her friend (neighbour) Mayawati Raidas said that “Anita teaches us many things, Anita is our leader, we follow Anita what she teach us”.  Some time Anita traditional neighbour blame her she is destroying social rule, but Anita said that “I am not doing wrong so I am not afraiding because I have FEDO in my back” In this away, Anita is trying to be a Tarai Dalit women leader.

Pabitra Bishwakarma

District Project Coordinator, Banke











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