Killing Two Birds with a Stone

Feminist Dalit Organization has taken a strategic approach while conducting its first round of training for the 20 Dalit women affiliated with various political parties. The member of Nepal Dalit Association (Nepal Dalit Sangh), Meen Biswakarma was selected as the trainer to conduct the training on Political Empowerment. Nepal Dalit Sangh is the Dalit sub wing of Nepali Congress (NC), one of the four major parties of Nepal. Biswakarma is also the central committee member NC.

Questions were raised while appointing him as the trainer. FLOW being a project that funds for women, woman trainer was sought for the program. However, the choice favored us in an unexpected way. His ToR asked him to focus on the empowering women in the political arena. During the training, participants asked him regarding the composition of his own party and that of the Dalit sub wing he was member of. Back then, Nepal Dalit Sangh had only 20 percent female in its central committee.

General Assembly of Nepal Dalit Sangh took place a month after the training. The results were quite encouraging to all of Dalit women leaders participating in the training. Bishwakarma, was elected as the chairperson of the association. The 20 percent participation of women was raised to 33 percent, with 3 of the participants trained through FEDO. Also, new central committee member had women nominated in the executive posts such as vice-chairperson, general secretary and secretary. The political empowerment training not only helped hone the capacity of Dalit women but also sensitized Dalit men in leading position on the importance of inclusive participation.

Rachana Upadhyaya

Project Manager


Dalit Women leaders discussing at group

Dalit Women leaders discussing at group


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