Jamuna is a Social Transformer

Jamuna Koli

Jamuna Koli

Jamuna Koli is one of the exemplary of women’s in Sidhanath women group in Tilkane-10 Municipality.  She is 50 year old and she has been activist in community level and she has been able to effectively mobilization of the community. Although the group was formation six before it’s led by an active Dalit woman activistJammuna Koli, she has been endeavour for secure funds for various actors (Government or non Government actors).

Jamuna Koli is affiliated with various other local governance structures, such as school management committee, member of forest user committee. Even before formation of the current women’s group, she had been associated with CPN UML. However, formation of current group she has gain knowledge about the political structure, inclusion policy and rights of Dalit women from various lobby meeting and group meeting, she has able elected illka committee member in CPN UML in municipality,  also she has participation of various rally and camping for focusing on violence against women and untouchability. At present, this dynamic     female is leading the women’s group in Tilkane-10 Municipality and she has been a role model for entire Dalit women group members.

She had single handed managed to obtain budget from the Municipality for primary school to Dalit children name of vishanu pravy, before establishment of vishu pravy school Dalit children was not going to school properally and they were facing discrimination as well After found of school Dalit children were regularly going to school also feel free from Discrimination. She feels very happy to be the part of Dalit women empowerment movement of FEDO and she has shown her commitment to work alongside with fedo, since she is a try to ban the alchohalic in her locality. Before that FEDO will be using her expertise in whatever way possible and put her as a role model for aspiring Dalit women leaders in committee as well municipality.

Amit Sunar

District Project Coordinator

FLOW, Kanchanpur


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