Sita making her neighbor independent

Sita B.K., VDC network chairperson of Sitapur VDC, Banke

Sita B.K., VDC network chairperson of Sitapur VDC, Banke

Sitapur VDC 8 km long from Nepalgnuj Municipality. A farming area, in every season green area is “L” Gaun. More than 40 house hold are situated of Dalit community. In this community Sita Bishwakarma lives. She always goes for different types of social work in VDC and district. If her village women get any trouble and development work, all of call to Sita Didi”.

She helps in community’s women who are suffering from domestic and social violence. She inspires to women to send her children to the school and aware to Dalit and non Dalit people to bring out from cast discrimination. She works in different committee of VDC level. Mainly work for Dalit and women. She says that “I never afraid with any one because we have guardian FEDO before us.”

She is chairperson of our VDC level Network of this VDC and member of district network. She presented in our various program which held in VDC and District level with her group and network women. She takes other member of network every where program and encourage to friend to learn. She and her network friend takes knowledge for VDC plan with us and goes to VDC.and offer a program of sewing for Dalit women. VDC council allocated budget of Rs 40, 000 for Dalit women sewing program. It covers 18 dalit women of over VDC for3 month’s course.

One of the participants of program Bishhnu Pariyar (group member) says that “after this course, I bring a sewing machine and stitching neighbour children and women dress, I hope this training fruitful me for self  earning” This away, our group women improving their economic condition and gaining skill when they sell, if they want.

Pabitra Bishwakarma

District Project Coordinator, Banke


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