Kamala being as a social leader

Kamala Okheda

Kamala Okheda is a Dalit woman from ward No-9, Routelibtwa VDC in Kanchanpur District. She has 26 year old Dalit women having 9 person’s family including husband, 2 daughters 1 son, grandmother, grandfather and 2 Brother in law. She was married at the age of 16 with Dalit man from the same residential area, from her early age of married stop her education, in that time she was studying at 8 classes, her husband is seasonal migration to India for search job. She is hard labour work at household level as well as at farming and engaged in animal husbandry for their livelihoods.

Due to extreme poverty and lack of education her life has been limit within house, during 2012 August, she had have chance to as a member of Feminist Dalit Organisation formed group. She did have opportunities to attend to various interaction, seminars, training and meeting organised by FEDO. During this period she gained insights and confidence that helped to improve her quality of life with the encouragement and capacity building by FEDO. She is a president of group and active member of network which eventually footing with other women so called as upper caste in society, she has now become an active member of various committee in all sector.

She is now member of Para legal committee, school management committee member, member of ward citizen forum, now she has become a women activist in the community where she supports other women needs and solving their problem, she is also quite active in lobbying in VDC level for Dalit women issue of justice to empowerment. Now days whenever there is any function or program in the village, she is given a high priority and she is invited to share her idea. She feels that she has become one of the respected persons in the community with support of FEDO.

Amit Sunar

District Project Coordinator, Kanchanupr


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