‘Small Step but a Big Leap’

Birma Nepali, 28, residing in Nepalgunj Municipality, not only secured a position in the Ward Citizen Forum( the lowest level of development planning committee that is constituted of people from the grass root) but also managed to obtain fund from the Village Development Committee(VDC) for her community.

Nepali is a member of Fulbari Dalit Mahila Samuha, an organizing initiative of FEDO. Although the group is within the municipality, no other organization had been successful to reach this Dalit community.

FEDO formed the group nearly a year ago when they were not aware about the services offered by the VD C such as development fund, targeted fund, various types of registration, and nutrition allowance for the kids below 5 years. FEDO educated Nepali and her friends in the group about the WCF. They also were informed that it is mandatory for the representation of Dalit in that forum. Hence, Nepali equipped with this knowledge, applied for a post in the WCF.

She, along with her friends from the Fulbari Dalit Mahila Samuha, lodged a proposal to get the budget from the VDC/Municipality office. These proposals are prepared by the beneficiaries based on their communal needs. They proposed to construct 400 m road in their locality where there are 30 households of Dalit. This proposal was accepted by Nepalgunj municipality and Nrs. 4 hundred thousand was given to the group for road construction. The municipality couldn’t provide the proposed budget therefore; Nepali and her friends from the women group collect an additional One hundred thousand from the community. She is also the treasurer of the women’s group. She and another member of the women group, Laxmi Sunar took the overall responsibility of constructing the road.

The duo successfully managed the project and completed the work before the assigned date. Their efforts were lauded because even the municipality couldn’t finish their work on time. She is an example of changing position of Dalit women within and outside her community. FEDO has been requesting her to participate in its entire program, to present her a role model for the women in the community.

Rachana Upadhyaya

Project Manager




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